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    Pisgah National Forest // North Carolina

    Keep Exploring!

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  2. Reblog if you are insecure about anything below:


    -intelligence (or lack of)
    -skills (or lack of)
    -weird hobbies
    -friends (or lack of)

    Who ever reblogs this will get a message in their inbox.

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  5. stereocolours:

    25/06/2014 Sunset
    Adam Marshall Photography 

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    I always seem to barely miss the sunsets in their full swing… One day, I’ll be fully prepared! This is still nice though, you can see how quickly it really does get dark! I added a gradual enhance to the exposure throughout the shot in post to compensate. I might try it while shooting next time to see how the quality differs.

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  6. Summer Rainstorm
    Adam Marshall Photography 

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  7. nanodash:

    Homemade fire tornado!

    Video (x)

    'Splanation (x)

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    CTA Rail Car Converted into Mobile Garden

    "I first covered the Mobile Garden project here on Colossal back in October of last year. UIC Art and Design graduate Joe Baldwin continues to pursue funding for his open-air public transit garden, but meanwhile was given the opportunity to participate in this year’s Art on Track festival last weekend by turning the interior of an el car into a fantastic sod-covered, ivy-laden garden. This car circled Chicago’s elevated downtown loop for five hours with several additional cars decorated with numerous other art installations” - Christopher Jobson

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  10. stancenation:

    Sweet set of @mtechnica wheels on this xB! See more photos of our Import Alliance coverage on www.stancenation.com | Photo By: @jaybaumphoto #stancenation

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